We are all over it!

Exide has developed new and technologically advanced products, innovative services and systems that will provide superior performance and life to our customers and Australian & New Zealand motorists.

Our company engineers and research centre is at the forefront of new technology and they dynamically consider, test and verify the vast range of opportunities in new product design.  The traditional lead acid battery technology remains the foundation of most batteries and 'pound for pound' is the most proven, reliable and cost effective power source.

Battery innovation is fundamentally based on enhancements which are the main focus of our R&D departments around the world.  Additives such as Tin, Silver, Carbon, Lithion-ion, Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) separators and other paste additives are all advancements that Exide have considered and incorporated where there are proven benefits.

Exide have recently introduced two of these latest technologies into its range.  Ap9 is a Tin alloy additive to the battery grids which delivers improved mechanical properties, lowers resistance to charge acceptance and reduces grid corrosion resistance - we call this 2xT and use it in our 'Extreme' range of products.  Both of these powerful innovations deliver greater performance and longer application life.


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