AUTOMOTIVE Accessories

TEsTERS and chargers


High power 3 stage charger suitable for batteries up to 950 CCA and 300Ah. Fast and efficient charging car, truck, 4WD, tractor, deep cycle and high capacity batteries.  This 3 step switch mode offers precise and safe charging without fluctuation for all types of batteries, including SLA, GEL, Cal/Cal and Deep Cycle.

Compact, lightweight this charger delivers a fully charged and maintained battery as well as extended battery life in less charging time.  

  • Can be charged from vehicle 12V socket
  • Output short circuit and reverse polarity protector
  • Switch mode technology Electrical System Protector
  • Anti-spike surge protection
  • Short Circuit and reverse polarity protection
  • State of Charge indicator

Battery Testers

Our testers offer the very best in professional battery testing and are capable of testing 6 and 12 volt batteries from 40 to 2000 CCA capacity. A tester with a built in thermal printer is also available.

Large display instantly communicates battery condition and can accurately test batteries with a charge level as low as 1.5 volts.

  • Auto Power Off
  • Simple to use
  • Quick result in 5 seconds



Electrical System Protector

A very professional tool which allows batteries to be charged without the loss of vehicle memory in the radio (codes and station pre-sets) and engine management system.

Battery, cables and adaptors are all carried within a strong trade bag which incorporates: carry strap, positive terminal sleeve, cigarette socket adaptor and a 240 volt charger.

  • Can be charged from vehicle 12V socket
  • Anti-spike surge protection
  • Short Circuit and reverse polarity protection


For further information on our range of consumer and workshop chargers, testers and electrical system protectors please visit your nearest Exide stockist or contact us on 1800 800 811.